Your Signature Style Diagnostic

150770_10155405559985204_8345880302585533276_nWhen preparing for an important event; a speech, a job interview, a date, a photoshoot, or to meet an important client and you need to look your best and feel audaciously confident, do you…

  1. Find it difficult to put together just the right statement outfit?
  2. Search your closet endlessly and still come up short?
  3. Struggle to know what fits your body correctly?
  4. Find it a challenge to put an outfit together that is appropriate for the occasion?
  5. Constantly wear the same outfit over and over again like a uniform because you don’t know what else to wear?

Our Signature Style Diagnostic is here to help you.

Each diagnostic of 3 outfits is only $50.00 and will come with specific recommendations tailored just for you.


You will receive professional feedback on up to 3 outfits to know whether they work on 5 different levels…

  1. Is it appropriate for the occasion
  2. Does it work for your vertical and horizontal body type
  3. Does it meet your desired goal
  4. Is it conveying the strong branded message you desire
  5. Do you look audaciously confident

Date before and after

As a part of this consultation we will also give you…

  1. The pros of each outfit
  2. The cons of each outfit
  3. My professional recommendation that will bring you closer to your desired goal.


For more information or if you have any questions please reach out to me at