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Alicia Couri hosts this lively and informative show geared to Influence, Educate, Inspire and Entertain you. Because when you are able to “Unleash your Audacious Confidence” you can do things you only dreamed about and so much more. That’s what happened to Alicia and it can happen to you. So tune in every Monday night at 6:30 live on 95.3 FM & 1470 AM – Also watch the live webcast on YouTube, Periscope & on Facebook. Join the conversation and call in with comments or questions at 888-565-1470.

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Upcoming Guests:


May 28

Madeline Faiella

Madeline Faiella is an authentic and powerful “Women’s Breakthrough Success Expert” with a unique 25-year background of professional singing, art, and corporate. ?

She’s traveled globally to over 20 countries and countless cities on two continents.

She served her country and received the Certificate of High Esteem awarded her by The U.S. Military, for her extraordinary performances on stages throughout Germany.

Although Madeline has a fear of heights, she sang on top of the World Trade Tower on a helicopter patch.

Madeline has done extensive training and made huge investments in gaining more of an understanding of people.

She’s taken her personal gifts, talents and skills and has mastered the art of being of service to other professionals helping them find courage and elevate their skill sets on a consistent basis to be better their very best.  She works with women to empower them so that they can expand and enlighten themselves in preparation for their very best life, business and prosperity.

She created a course, Transforming Fear into Results which brought one of her students to a $250,000 business.  Her clients gain courage, confidence, clarity, better business strategies and a life they enjoy. She embodies elegant leadership, which provides her clients unique advantages. She will assist you in changing your mindset, so you can achieve what you thought was impossible in both your life and business.

Email: creativemindset@comcast.net








May 21

Katrinatique Spa – Receive  the best spa facial treatment with Katrinatique Spa in Boca.


807 East Palmetto Park Rd
Boca Raton, Florida 33432

(954) 752-4342


We take a look back at some amazing guests and AHA moments.  Check out my YouTube Chanel for all our past episodes of “Unleash Your Audacious Confidence

Be sure to register for the” I AM HER EMPOWERMENT & IMPACT SUMMIT” this week –  visit http://www.iamhersummit.com/




May 14

Mary Ellen Brinker


Brinker Education Initiative has an amazing summer camp for teens in STEM. Enjoy an eight week innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Summer Camp, for Broward and Miami-Dade high schools students. June 18th to August 10th.

Interactive classes, team projects, and field trips. Facilities donated by St. Thomas University Department of Science, Technology, and Engineering.

Instructors and professors include Zulubots, St. Thomas University, Miami Dade College, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and Palm Beach State College. For more information on the camp go to http://www.brinkerstemcamps.com

For scholarship donations you can visit http://www.brinkereducationinitiative.org






May 7

Pat Rogers

Patricia Rogers is a Retired Correctional Lieutenant with Miami-Dade County Corrections after 29 years of service, where she was responsible for administrative duties, ensuring the safety of the facility and supervision of the inmate population and staff. Patricia’s experience in law enforcement, has landed her in a second career as an Entrepreneur, Co-Author of Journey to the Stage, Vol. 3, International Public Speaker, Coach and Event Coordinator for entrepreneurs to connect and build their professional networks.

Patricia Rogers is also an Independent Associate with LegalShield, a Multi-Level Marketing Company that gives individuals, families, commercial drivers and business owner’s access to the legal system by accessing not just attorneys but access to a high-quality law firm in your state.

Social Media Platforms: 

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Allignable

Contact Information:














April 30

Kourtney Coleman

Kourtney Coleman is a Taylor Protocol Certified Practitioner, Speaker, Coach, Author, and Host of the Impact Zone Podcast and the Host of I Am Her Empowerment & Impact Summit for Career Women and President of Kourtney Coleman Inc. Where I help career women transition into successful and confident entrepreneurs by creating an online or small business that’s authentic to them.


Watch the video below to learn more about her upcoming I Am Her Empowerment & Impact Summit for Career Women:












April 23

Jennifer A Blanc


Jennifer A. Blanc, Esq., is a real estate guru with over 25 years of experience

as a practicing attorney. Jennifer has put together a software program called; Real Estate Tax Master. This database software has served attorney’s from Illinois to Florida. She is the Keynote speaker at the upcoming 2nd Annual Creative Entrepreneurial Women Event created for women by Katherine Borrero and Jean-Désir. Get more information and purchase your tickets at:







April 16

We are continuing our talk on building a strong Personal Brand from March 30th, first we need good Posture by developing your CORE… well… I spell it like this CORREE lol.


April 9

Carol J. Dunlop

An energetic and personable networker, Carol J. Dunlop,   #1 Amazon International Best-selling book, UN-Market Your Business; 10 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting, is among the elite in her field, her clients refer to her as an online marketing phenom, she is known as “The Online WOW! Strategist.”


She is the Chief Content Officer at (CSI) Creative Solutions International Inc Corporation, the company she founded more than twenty-three years ago with her husband Alvin. Carol currently speaks to women entrepreneurs about how “UN-Market” their business and utilize their website as their business hub. She also shows them how to get the conversation started, grow brand awareness, build trust, and ultimately convert their fans, friends, and followers into paying clients through the strategies she’s used.

Get Carol’s 7 Strategies to boost your website…



March 26

Maria Miliotis


Maria Miliotis is a nationally acclaimed make-up artist who owns and operates an award-winning agency, Faceworks International for 18 years. She has degrees in skincare and cosmetology, has taught in conferences and has been a spokesmodel for national commercials representing product lines throughout her 20 plus-year career.

She has been featured on Lifetime TV. for her make-up techniques and worked with celebrities from Miami Beach to NYC. Her make-up artistry has been featured in numerous publications such as Vogue and she has published articles in local magazines regarding skincare and image branding.

Faceworks International offers on site hair/make-up artists for special events such as weddings from New York to Florida.

Her sister agency Brandingbyfaceworks specializes in creating the right brand for your personalized look by offering in site photographers, hair/make-up artists with creative direction such as a large group for corporate headshots to individual journalistic style photo shoots.







March 19

Colby Jones

Colorado born and raised. Very outdoorsy: ice hockey hiking, camping, snowboarding, etc. He has traveled a lot. Been on over 60 cruises, over 100 countries. Many places multiple times. Travel is a thirst for him

How he got into the biz:
Went to college to become a pilot, but the rigorous life schedule prevented him from racking up the flight hours so switched to Business and Travel administration. He then decided to buy the travel agency his mom started so she could travel with him. She had the business not to make money but to make memories with him. He decided he could turn the business into a profitable one and use it to make memories with his own son. That was 13 years ago – Now he is one of the best!!
Visit Interline Cruise – www.interlinecruiseconnections.com 



March 11

Cindy Kelley

Cindy Kelley served as the Director of Budget & Legislative Affairs for the City of Ocala. In her capacity as Director, Cindy sat on the union negotiations team for all 3 City Unions, Chaired the City of Ocala’s Capital Improvement Committee, Florida Government Finance Officers Association Legislative Committee, the Florida Government Finance Officers Membership Development Committee, the National League of Cities Federal Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, , the Florida League of Cities Finance, Taxation, & Personnel committee, and sat on the City of Ocala’s Investment Committee. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has worked in the finance sector for the past 20 years. Some of Cindy’s experience includes working as an Investment Advisor for Morgan Stanley setting up and administering personal retirement as well as corporate pension plans, Branch Manager for Bank of America dealing with a myriad of financial, lending, and investment products.

Mostly recently Cindy has founded CRK Consulting, an executive consulting firm designed to help leaders create a highly engaged workforce. Cindy understands the struggles of the today’s successful leader, like…being pulled in too many directions, putting your own self-care at the bottom of the priorities list, not having the support you need and oftentimes finding yourself in a lonely place. As the Chief Life Officer, CFO, entrepreneur, mother of two very active daughters (one an exceptional student athlete and one an entrepreneur), she has designed and is living her ideal life. After overcoming a few obstacles in her past; some that could’ve taken her out of the game, she has been able to manage a successful business, master balancing work and life and create a supportive community of women leaders. Cindy loves a good challenge combined with great fun so she is constantly traveling to watch her daughter compete, she participates in 5ks, half marathons and mud runs, including the very grueling Tough Mudder just to name a few.




March 5

Jenni Mae Villalobos

Jennifer May a.k.a “Coach Jenni” hails from Columbia, Maryland where she lives with her husband Lawrence.

Jennifer spent most of her 30+ year career as a learning and human performance professional in the financial industry and federal government, however she developed a passion for health and wellness after making serious changes in her lifestyle to improve her health.  Somewhere along her journey friends and coworkers noticed the changes and asked for her assistance.  She started leading weight loss groups in the workplace and in the community…thus began her journey to becoming a health coach.  Jennifer is a Health Coach certified by the Metabolic Method Academy.  She is also an AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in Older Adult Fitness.

Jennifer’s passion is working with clients and partnering with health professionals to help their patients implement lifestyle changes to combat illnesses such as hypertension, pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hyperlipidemia (High Cholesterol).  Jennifer and her methodology ACT, for making lasting lifestyle changes was recently featured on the TV show Virginia This Morning (CBS).

Link to Coach Jenni Mae

Watch the replay in case you missed it!

February 26

Jo Velotti

Jo Velotti is Co-founder of Velotti Group, LLC. Certified Elite Health and Wellness Coach with Metabolic Method Academy. Jo have many years’ experience balancing family, work and health. She served honorably as an Ombudsman to most of the Navy commands were her husband RJ served during the 20 years of military service. Jo has a Master’s Degree Accountancy. She is dedicated and focused in balancing life’s equations whether with numbers or health.

Coach Jo specialize in helping her clients work thru their mindset and coping with stress. How we feed our body and mind directly affects our quality of life. The use of positive thinking can transform your life. A persons mindset is transformative in their life’s journey. What happens in your mind will directly affect your choices as well as on a larger scale, the energy you share in the world. How do you want to show up in the world today?

Coach Jo is committed to inspire others to find the bright side of life, to empower them to find a healthy balance for the body to operate to its fullest. Restoring their Confidence and Self-worth will increase because it is attached to how we look and feel about ourselves. Jo has been recently been featured on Sarasota TV, Suncoast FYI speaking on ‘Is Stress Making you Fat’.

Go to www.jovelotti.com to get your FREE 72 Hour Cleanse. Use Promo Code JoMedia to save $30.00.


February 19

Jean-Desir Fils

Jean Desir the founder of Who Is Desire Digital Publishing and Media

Created a Brunch honoring some of SF leaders in industry.


We are honoring some of south Florida’s leaders in different industry’s based on our team’s appreciation for their services to this region.


By bringing together; both leaders of the past and present, we can continue fueling the engine of change and prosperity for the Miami region and beyond.

The Mission of The Black Excellence Brunch:

Celebrating black leaders with unique skill-sets through entertainment breaking down silos that are here in south Florida and worldwide.





February 12

Marsha Feldman

Marsha Feldman is a proud wife, mother, community leader, and charity supporter in South Florida.  As President of the Aventura Chapter’s International Association of Women (IAW) (formerly(NAPW)), she leads a coalition of empowered women, while promoting the local business community with everyone’s best interest at heart.  Additionally, Marsha has a long career with the Federal Government, working for the District Court for over 21 years as a Supervisor and Dbase Analyst for the court’s case management system.  In 2017, she was crowned Ms. United States Ambassador Queen for Woman of Achievement and regained this title once again for 2018.  She has utilized her titles to promote charitable interests and community involvement.  Pageantry opened up new experiences and entrepreneurship in the modeling and film industry.  More opportunities are in the works towards her future goals.  Her leadership roles, modeling talents, and running passion have been advantageous for local charity events, shows, and fundraisers.


Check out the replay:





February 5

 Brinker Education Initiative

Mary Ellen Brinker the founder of the Brinker Education Initiative will be my guest. She is passionate about giving the gift of a future to Hispanic Students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) to achieve their dreams.

Join us to learn what exciting opportunities they have coming up that will help you achieve your dreams in STEM!



2018 Summer Camp @ St Thomas University

– Two month camp:
– 2 weeks Science
– 2 weeks Technology
– 2 weeks Engineering
– 2 weeks Mathematics
– Special emphasis on Mathematics…can’t fully understand Science, Technology, or Engineering without knowing Math.
– Interactive Displays
– Hispanic-owned United Data Technologies will provide materials
– IBM, Motorola very interested
– Florida Atlantic University, NOVA Southeastern University will help
– Organized by Brinker’s “Science Evangelist”, Ibis FonteSummer Camp Scholarships
– Raising money for Hispanic students
– Donate at BrinkerEducationInitiative.org– Special thanks to Provost Irma Becerra Fernandez and Dr. Luis Fernandez-Torres, Chairman, School of Science and Technology

For more information check out the website…



January 29

Tara Hooper

Tara Hooper is a certified image consultant and personal brand specialist who has helped people present their best selves for over 20 years. Founder of The Style Signature, she believes that image perception directly impacts profitability and productivity and is passionate about providing effective tools and strategies to help clients showcase their most confident, authentic selves. Her own evolution from teen beauty queen to professional hair stylist & makeup artist to successful image consultant and style advisor gives her unique insights and anecdotes sure to engage any audience.

An entrepreneur and savvy businesswoman at heart, Tara has an innate ability to connect with people – whether an individual potential client or a room full of conference attendees. Starting out as a hair stylist, she developed her personal brand to stand out in a competitive industry before social media and personal branding were common marketing tools. Her ability to set herself apart from the pack and stay true to herself translated into successful businesses with devoted followers, first in the beauty industry and now as a renowned image consultant. Connect with Tara at www.thestylesignature.com

Check out the REPLAY


January 22

Dr. Vivian Waich

The last time Dr. Waich was on our show she gave us so many incredible insights on how and when we should see the dentist and the benefits and programs they had to offer for the end of the year. It’s a new year and she is back with us with some helpful tips on really taking care of your teeth to have the best smile and the best year ever!

Sonrisas specializes in dental, cosmetic and orthodontic services, including Invisalign, teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, implants, root canals, cleaning & dentures.

Contact Dr. Waich at 305-944-0000 or visit www.sonrisasclinic.com to schedule your appointment today!

In case you missed it… This show was chock full of so much amazing information you need to check it out! Here’s the replay…



January 15

Jayne Robinson

Organize to Simplify

Are you feeling frustrated every time you even think about organizing your kitchen?
Do you search frantically around your office for that lost document?
Have you tried and tried to straighten up your home and it just never seems to work?

Sometimes organizing is just that . . . organizing. It’s a normal reaction to an event like getting ready for company, having guests coming to your home, or figuring out what to do with a family member’s possessions now that they’ve downsized.

From one-time organizing projects like cleaning out the guest room before company comes to regular systems reviews, Organize to Simplify has you covered. Whether it’s a kitchen, closet, office, or storage area, through thoughtful organizing tools and practices, we will, together, create a space you love to be in.

Our Organization and Storage Services Include:

  • Reclaiming underutilized spaces
  • Maximizing efficiency of rooms
  • Hands-on organization
  • Designing/implementing custom filing solutions
  • Creating processes to maintain order and reduce clutter

Here is the Replay if you missed it



January 8

Mary Ellen Brinker

Mary Ellen Brinker of the Brinker Education Initiative is so inspirational. After retirement and the loss of her husband, she created a non-profit scholarship program for Hispanic students in STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math. She will be on the show talking about building confidence in an entire community. I am so excited to have her join me once again on the show.

To find out more information and to donate go to www.brinkereducationinitiative.org





January 1

Set your goals and declaring your vision for the New Year!!! This show is all about not just setting goals but how do we create a plan to execute and accomplish those goals!!! I dive into how you create a goal and vision for yourself and then breaking it down into actionable steps so that this year you can achieve more than you ever have before…

PLUS stay tuned for my super special guest! One of my most favorite people on the planet!!! Don’t miss it!

Check out the Replay


December 18

Laura Savino

Laura Savino, a/k/a “Dr. DeClutter” – President of Organized Productivity is an industry leader for 25+ years as a Professional Organizing and Productivity Consultant who lives and teaches clients nationwide how to get organized in their work space and personal living environments resulting in decreased procrastination and increased productivity.  Raised in an organized home was her schooling and she carries on the legacy as an accountability partner, speaker, writer, workshop lecturer on the topics of organization, procrastination, and productivity as all are byproducts of each other.  Her proven methods empower clients t0 transform their lives to achieve success out of the clutter and negative habits caused by “visual noise”.

Listen to this again and again, it’s chock full of value.

December 11

Mary Ellen Brinker


Provide select Hispanic/Latino students who excel in STEM financial support to achieve their educational goals.

To donate visit: http://brinkereducationinitiative.org/

Click here for Replay





December 4

Jayne Robinson

Jayne Robinson, a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and founder of Jayne Robinson Creative Living Solutions, a personalized holistic firm in Delray Beach that will guide and inspire you to create an authentic life full of vitality and joy.

As your health coach my mission is to give you guidance, and understanding of healthier foods and a balanced lifestyle. We are unique individuals and we each require personalized programs according to age, gender, blood type, daily schedules, wellness goals, and lifestyle.

We will work together to foster accountability and have self-sufficiency that will evolve into lasting habits. Visit www.jaynelrobinson.com for more information.


Show replay: Click here



November 27

Dr. Vivian Waich

With more than 15 years of excellence and expertise in dentistry, Dr. Viviana L. Waich continues to provide the finest dental care and techniques to her patients in a relaxed and caring environment in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Dr. Waich received her doctorate in dental medicine from “Santa Maria” University in 2002, Caracas Venezuela. In 2005 she moved to Colombia and completed her Masters in Oral surgery and pathology at the Javeriana University , then she was accepted in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program at Jackson Memorial Hospital in 2007, and also at the General Dentistry program at Lindsay Hopkins Community smiles dental research clinic in 2008 and went on to private practice in Miami , Florida , is focused on providing expert, conservative general and wellness dentistry and is committed to making even the most anxious patient at ease.

As a respected member of the dental community, Dr. Waich maintains membership in a number of accredited and respected dental organizations, including The ICOI, international congress of Implantology. She also became a Premier dentist for Invisalign in 2015 achieving more than 100 successful cases and Fastbraces provider, complicating complicated cases in less than 120 days. Dr. Waich is a dedicated community leader, lives with her husband ,son and mother, and enjoys jogging, fashion, bowling, baking, and being the best dentist in North Miami Beach.

Multiple horrifying childhood dental experiences has inspired of Dr. Vivian Waich, CEO of Sonrisas Dental clinic to become one of the most compassionate dentists in South Florida. So if you’re anxious or fearful about going to the dentist, Dr. Waich is the dentist for you! With the latest in technology, Sonrisas specializes in dental, cosmetic and orthodontic services, including Invisalign, teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, implants, root canals, cleaning & dentures. Call 305-944-0000 or visit Sonrisasclinic.com


Replay of interview




November 20

Ron Harvey

Vice President Global Core Strategies and Consulting LLC and Certified Coach with ICF. Certified John Maxwell Leadership Team Member. He works with organizations and leadership teams to enable them to be intentional about establishing a winning culture and improving employee engagement that recruits and retains top talent.


Clients experience higher retention rates, business growth, increased profitability and distinguish themselves as the place to work. Ron and his team provide real results in real time allowing clients the freedom to focus on their business operations, be creative and impactful.


Enjoy the replay of the show

November 13

Dr. Sam Serio

Dr. Sam Serio is an Award-Winning Author and experienced Christian Counselor who has been helping women, men and couples on how to heal from their sexual wounds or sins. He will be sharing secrets on how to unleash our audacious confidence in the midst of our unwanted sexual hurts or unwise sexual habits which will steal our self-respect and relationships in the future.

He speaks with people all around the world from his Ministry Website of www.HealingSexualHurt.com . He has also written “Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting” which won the 2016 Award of “Best Ministry Book of the Year”. He has a new book coming out soon that you’ll want to hear all about.
To order a copy of his award winning book click HERE to order your copy today.


 November 6

Dr. Gena Bofshever

Dr. Gena Bofshever, a leading South Florida Wellness Champion and dedicated health advocate has influenced the industry for eight years. A graduate of the State University of New York at Binghamton and a doctorate in chiropractic from Life University, Dr. Gena has completed post-graduate training in pediatrics through the ICPA. After beginning her career at a high-volume family care center in Pennsylvania, Dr. Gena relocated to Florida. Now the owner of her own clinic, Dr. Gena’s vivacious spirit coupled with a staunch commitment to the wellbeing of her clients has made her a stand-out force in the community, where she speaks motivation, lifestyle, and wellness. From prenatal and pediatric care, to family wellness and beyond, Dr. Gena believes your health is in your hands, but her hands are here to help.

Dr. Gena’s office is located at 7119 W. Broward Blvd. in Plantation, Florida 33317.

Connect with Dr. Gena on social media @favoritechiropractor

Watch the Replay of the show right HERE.


October 30

Lorinda Buckingham

Lorinda Buckingham is the Creator & CEO of Modern Empowerment, where she serves as a Business Strategist, Career Change Agent & Success Blueprint Developer.  Modern Empowerment provides empowerment & training services in Personal & Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Training, Outreach, & Speaking; and was founded as a woman-owned minority business in Metro Atlanta area. Lorinda is happily married and a proud mother of 3 children.

Lorinda Buckingham is an alumni of Tuskegee University, Rhema Bible Training Center, and brings over 15+ years of corporate and business expertise. Prior to joining the Personal and Professional Development profession, Lorinda Buckingham had a rewarding career as an electrical engineer with expertise in quality, design engineering, and program management. Lorinda is a certified Coach, Trainer, & Speaker by The John Maxwell Team, which is the #1 Leadership Training company in the world. The Maxwell Method is used as a foundation their program.

Lorinda is now living her dream of entrepreneurship as CEO Of Modern Empowerment. and teaching about leadership empowerment principles to people all over the country and world. Modern Empowerment delivers best in class training resources, and has national and global capability to train your staff however and wherever they are. Their training program also services those who are unemployed and underemployed for resume building and to get noticed as a candidate for employment or promotion. Modern Empowerment training program creates better work environments, increases performance, and builds a well resourced staff so that CEO’s and Executives can spend more time creating new opportunities & make money, and never again miss a game or having dinner with their family due to poor follow-thru at the office.

To work with Lorinda, visit www.LorindaBuckingham.com or call (678) 826-2990. To connect with Lorinda, go to www.LorindaBuckingham.com/connect.

Watch the Replay of the show right HERE.

October 23

Dani Spikes

Dani A is a Professionally Certified Relationship Coach graduate from the University of Miami Coaching program with a background in Psychology and a concentration in Women’s Studies. Impassioned about revolutionizing relationships through her amazing series, The Spiked Brunch Relationship Series and her BeLoved Box for Couples, she has a goal of teaching women how to love themselves as she teaches couples how to last and love each other.

Dani A is the recipient of the prestigious 30 Under 30 Award from Legacy Magazine for her work with several non-for-profit agencies including but not limited to The Lodge, a safe haven for domestic violence victims and GIRL POWER! an agency geared to helping young women in Liberty City. She has also been featured in countless publications including Young.Urban. Lifestyle Magazine, Lady Lux, WXRP Radio,  Table Talk with Shiressa, Groove Theary, Groove Theory, The Foul Hundreds, Networked Film, The Ov Guide, Inside Jamari Fox, The Sassie Awards, and many more. She is also a contributing writer for women’s online magazines such as CCwC and Women’s Daily.

Proud author of, It’s Time! 21 Days to the Best Relationship with Yourself: A Coaching Workbook to Self-Love, Success and Happiness. She regularly speaks both domestically and internationally regarding healthy interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship growth techniques.

Watch the replay of the show HERE


October 16

Rosalyn Kahn


Rosalyn is a TedX Public speaker who trains others to speak publicly. Her new book Dogs & Roses is available on Amazon.com so tune in to hear ab


out her story and what the proceeds of the book will be used for.



Watch the replay of the show HERE 



October 9:

Jamie Desrameaux

Jamie Desrameaux recently joined the Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative’s Volunteer Department. She received a Bachelor of Science in Health Education from the University of Florida and has worked in Miami’s nonprofit community for more than 3 years. From her experience, Jamie has developed a strong passion for underrepresented and underserved populations – and works to promote prevention and heart disease awareness, as well as recruit volunteers to join the cause. Working with The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative has given her a deeper appreciation for how individuals from all diverse arenas of life can unite to provide women the prevention and early detection they need to beat breast cancer and heart disease.

This show also had a very special call in guest Marty Flathery who is a Breast Cancer Survivor who by sheer accident discovered a lump on his chest which turned out to be a very aggressive breast cancer, had he not discovered the lump and taken swift action the next day – due to the insistence of his wife, he may not be around to have told us his story so listen in and learn.

Check out the show: Click here

Upcoming event you can support from the Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative:

Oct 14_21_2017 Outreach Volunteer Flyer –

Feb_18 Outreach Volunteer Flyer –

October 2:

Ashley Ageloff

Ashley has a bachelor’s degree in Education, and is certified as a health coach, yoga instructor and thermography technician. Ashley merges her skills of teaching, and knowledge of health to educate people about thermography and wellness. Her passion of spreading awareness about health modalities that can effectively help others, came from her personal experiences of overcoming her own serious health issues using natural life style changes to regain her now vibrant health. Ashley loves learning, reading, volunteering and being with loved ones. Her vision is to change the world by empowering people to create a life they love, by focusing on their spiritual, emotional and physical well being.

This was an amazing interview with great information, check it out – https://youtu.be/FvWfp9D9zMg


September 25:

Patricia Rogers

Patricia Rogers is a Retired Correctional Lieutenant with Miami-Dade County Corrections after 29 years of service, where she was responsible for administrative duties, ensuring the safety of the facility and supervision of the inmate population and staff. Patricia’s experience in law enforcement, has landed her in a second career as an Entrepreneur, Co-Author of Journey to the Stage, Vol. 3, International Public Speaker, Coach and Event Coordinator for entrepreneurs to connect and build their professional networks.

Patricia focuses on educating start-up entrepreneurs on “How to Transition from Corporate America to Entrepreneur.” Empowering individuals with the essential steps they need in order to build a firm foundation as an entrepreneur so that they can thrive in today’s economy. As the CEO, Unity In Service, Inc. “Join us for Entrepreneurs Living the Dream 2017”.

Click here for the replay!



September 18:

Wilma Mulcare

Wilma has over 30 years of experience in her industry. She is a previous salon/spa owner and has worked with leading hair and make-up companies, fashion photographers, fashion shows and beauty pageants.

Wilma currently hosts events on improving your image through Hair design and Make-up artistry in the community and these can be viewed here on the website. Her philosophy is healthy skin, simplicity in make-up application and affordability.

She believes through proper nutrition you will have Healthy Hair and Skin.  Beautiful hair styles and make-up design according to your life style, personality and facial features will improve your image and enhance your life.


Currently Wilma has custom designed a line of Skincare and Make-up. She has also created educational videos on various make-up techniques and hair care needs.

Cosmetics are substances used to enhance our appearance. They include, but are not limited to, skin-care creams, lotions, powders, lipsticks, eye makeup, facial makeup and hair care products.

Check out the show: https://youtu.be/ROVeFDmAcWs

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