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I founded the Red Carpet CEO™ to empower entrepreneurs to look at themselves and their businesses as if they deserved to be invited on the Red Carpet!

Most small business owners are busy operating their businesses that they neglect some of the intangibles that create limitless success, and it’s not their fault. If you are one of them, a lot of times what happens is, you have a great idea or are a great technician and choose to go into business for yourself without the support, or skills vital to running a business or being an entrepreneur. So you’re stuck on a treadmill of a glorified job where you are the sole employee… But yay!!! You own your own business.

So if you are an entrepreneur, author or speaker who is looking to build a personal brand and stand far above your competition… I’m here for you!

Influence ♥ Educate ♥ Inspire ♥ Entertain

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“My Goal is to boost your confidence and make you and your business Red Carpet Ready”!